These Two

To be honest, I never thought I will build my own company. I’ve been dreaming about my own lifestyle magazine, but somehow that dream just stay still inside my box. Simply because I know I can’t do it yet.

But last year, I met these two. Actually, we were getting ready to be pitched for one project, but somehow we managed to be on the same line and walked out leaving the third agency alone. And that’s when the story begin.

These two always beating around me. They keep me alive. They always help to keep me on the ground. These two are people who keep sane. These two are people who like to type the exact same things in the same time with me. These two love my daughter. These two love to teased my husband.

I argued with these two.

I try to keep the same pace with these two.

I laughed with these two a lot.

I share my dreams while I watched the sunset with these two on our office balcony.  I know I have a thing with these two, and I know I am growing up (again) with these two.


Thank you God for sending me these two… I love you, Two!