Huwah!Named one of The Envy Index-25 Under 25, Vanity Fair, 2010

I feel like I have to edit this ABOUT page, but I don’t want to erase them x)) So a bit update:

I am now a volunteer for PUSTAKALANA, a children library and public space. Visit http://www.pustakalanalibrary.wordpress.com for more details! And now my daughter is going to be 5 this year. I gave up my scholarship last year because I can’t take my daughter with me. And to be separated for like 1 year with my family is not what I think about upgrading my life. Life is much easier when I met these 6 incredible mommies when I was around Jejakecil’s corner. They know how to keep you stay sane in the world called motherhood.ย I still miss my Dad every single night. I tried to be on the air again, but I can’t stand the slow pace (plus all drama). AND!!! I lost 8 kilos since I did Kayla Itsines Workout x))

So, welcome aboard and enjoy all stories!

This is Sazki’s other blog. She love to write everywhere and now decided to put a not so personal things here and a pages full of her short stories and maybe a bit doodle. oohh, also she’ll put her CV here.. yea well, just in case. ๐Ÿ˜€


me & mom


Anyway, my name is Sazkia Rosseina Gaziscania. When I was a little, I always dreaming about my prince charming and then live happily ever after in a castle.


But when my Pop gone forever, I think life a lil bit cruel, until I realized that I have to hang on my own life and not to cry alone all night long upside my pillow. Now, I’m twenty-something girl, have a lot of good and bad friends, keep a couple of besties in my heart, have two great siblings and someone who (I think) love me :p


Find out more about me by reading all my thoughts here. Hope you won’t get bored, suggest your friend to visit mine and leave some comments.



A bit update :

I’m now married to a hug-able husband Rino Mardani, Mother of Galuh Nabhita Sasikirana Mardani, or more famous as Menik. I was a radio announcer for Ardan Radio FM Bandung, Feature Reporter at Cosmopolitan Indonesia, and a Social Media Strategist at myOyeah Music (The Banery GECKO). Now, I’m a working from home mother, a freelancer for myOyeah[dot]com. I still do MC’s and VO’s (do contact me via sazkia[dot]ghazi[at]gmail[dot]com

(still) Cheers!

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