When The Pratama’s In Town



A couple weeks ago, my best friend Tyva come to Bandung with her husband and two cute boys. We met up at Origin, one organic restaurant, located at Jl. Sumatera. For like 1.5 hours, we shared stories, of course with a lot of interruption with 2 toddlers and 1 sleepy baby. Too bad, they have a packed itinerary while in town, so no time to go to my house. Next time, ya, baby!

If you, single people, who complains a lot while taking picture because you feel no right for any pose, try to take pictures with toddler! Hahaha.. photo above is the best out of 23 frames I have! Wait a minute, you said 2 toddlers and 1 baby. Where’s the baby? Sleep of courseeeee! Bian, next time you met Bunik, you have to stay awake so we can take a pict, okay, boy? 😉

See you guys very soon!


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