Dua Satu Desember, I know you know.



I just finished my dawn prayer. I prayed “Ya Allah, give your best to my Pop. If you want to take him back, just take him now. If you want him to stay on earth with me, mom, and brother, please take all his sickness”. That prayer will always stick on my head, because 30 minutes after I pray, my father passed away.



I don’t know exactly what I want to write. I know you know what I want to say to you. I know you know what’s on my head. A lot of things happened, Who knew you will stretched a proud smile when I have my bachelor degree? Who knew you will cry when Rino takes me as his wife? Who knew I will have a child? Who knew what you will do with your grandchild? Who knew.. well, I know you know.

6 years isn’t a short time. I’ve been struggling to figure out about things that happened to my life. I’ve questioned a lot of things, which I hope you will be the one who will give the answers. Now, I know why you do such a very nice yet touchy things to me, I’m so proud of you, Pak. I’m proud because I have your blood running in me.

I. Miss. You.


Yes. I miss you, Bapak.


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