I Will Be Your Sweetheart, if..

It’s been a long time since you said a couple sentences which tear my heart. I may not be perfect, but if you like to compare me, I can do a chin up act a lil bit cause I know I’m not that stupid.

And I want you to take notes on this : I have my own formula for my life, my late dad, my mom, even my step dad always appreciate my own decisions. So don’t waste your energy to find what is wrong with me. If there anything to ask, I won’t be shy to ask. 🙂

Anyway, I write this not because I hate you, simply because I love you, but sometime you said something beyond my expectation. And it made me sad 😐 😐

everyone born from her/his own mother. Stop comparing me with yours, then I’ll be ur sweetheart as well..


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